An Epilogue of Thanks

November 12, 2012

Dear Friends and Loyal Supporters,

At its last meeting, Noshaq’s Board of Directors made the difficult decision to terminate our Afghanistan operations and to completely close down our organization by the end of the year. This was a tough conclusion for all of us and was made only after months of careful thought and prayer.

The last year has been one filled with setbacks for Noshaq. In late 2011, our NGO status was jeopardized due to the unfortunate corruption of provincial government officials. This led us to temporarily suspend projects while we worked hard to rectify the situation. Although temporary, this complication hindered our ability to fundraise and took valuable time away from developing new projects.

In January, we began aggressively pursuing a school construction project for Yamgan, an impoverished and remote community in Badakhshan Province. An eight-room elementary school had been partially constructed by the United Nations six years ago, but was never finished due to improper management and money swindling. Meanwhile, the schoolchildren were forced to study in fifteen tents around the perimeter of the half-finished structure, the only “school” for miles around. Noshaq saw this situation as unacceptable and vowed to complete the building for the community’s 1,500 kids. We worked tirelessly for over ten months to gain government and United Nations permissions to complete this school. Sadly, the project was stonewalled by key officials despite the advocacy of high-ranking authorities on our behalf. By October, it was clear that our organization’s future was untenable.

As we reflect on our organization’s conclusion, we are not filled with resentment or regret. Rather, our hearts are filled with joy as we think of the experiences that have challenged us, inspired us, and bonded us with the beautiful people of Afghanistan.

This journey wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for believing in us, encouraging us, and supporting us through your prayers and donations. Our hearts will always be grateful for your spirit of service. Because of you, over 6,000 villagers in Afghanistan have seen the face of hope.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support over the last four years will always be our inspiration.


Luther Whiting
President - Noshaq, Inc.

Afghanistan's future through economic development.

Why Noshaq?
Noshaq Peak is Afghanistan's highest mountain. Towering at 24,580 ft. (7,492 m), it serves as a symbol of hope for a country in turmoil. By creating sustainable projects that empower Afghanistan's people and communities, our goal is to instill hope in a country torn apart by tragedy.
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